Buwei Chiu (Bu) 's Personal Site

I'm Buwei Chiu, as known as Bu.

I was born last decade, luckily passed one millennium.
I saw things change rapidly over years. They passed, and never came back.
I keep searching for meaning of life. Try to seize time. If I could.

My presentence on the Internet

Here contains every precious moment of my life.
Here hosts all my open source and experimental projects
Bu 大小事 (Only in Chinese)
Just another blog talking about life and nonsense

Contact me

For any inquries, please email to bu@bu.idv.tw 1936 7F81 A06F 24CD 05F0  198C E2F3 AAE1 43A4 0D6A
My GPG Public Key;If you prefer encrypted reply, please attach your public key in the email. Thanks.